‘The social care sector plays a vital role for many people and for our society, enabling millions of elderly and disabled people to live with dignity and independence. But it is also an important employer: in 2022, there were 1.7 million social care jobs across the UK, making it one of the largest low-paying sectors in the country. Were this workforce to grow in line with our ageing population, the number of social care jobs would outstrip those in retail or hospitality in little more than a decade. In this briefing note, we bring together data analysis and the findings from three focus groups we held with frontline workers to learn more about this large and important part of the workforce. Critically, we ask: what is the nature of social care jobs, and where should improvements be prioritised?”

An important report however we are responding on behalf of the #Gr8SupportMovement to express our concern about the lack of mention of Support Workers as the report focuses on Domiciliary Care Workers and PAs.

Read the full report here: Who Cares? The experience of social care workers, and the enforcement of employment rights in the sector

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