Pushing Boundaries

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“Don’t ever call us unskilled again!”

Learning from the experience of Support Workers during Covid-19

“A visceral report which doesn’t pull any punches.  A hidden workforce speaks out.  Support Workers we salute you.”         Sue Livett, CEO of The Aldingbourne Trust

“Don’t ever call us ‘unskilled’ again” is a report that brings you the voices of 118 Support Workers (supporting people with a learning disability and/or autism) from across the UK.

The report captures their  experiences, thoughts, ideas and learning  during the pandemic and  shares them with the nation.  It’s time to value the skills of Support Workers!

Read and/or listen to the report by clicking here!


Pushing Boundaries

Paradigm is known nationally and internationally for working with passion and integrity, holding people’s rights to live a good, ordinary life at the heart of everything we do.

8 Gr8 Qualities of a Supporter

350 people with a learning disability and their families decided on 8 Gr8 qualities of a Gr8 Supporter. Being adventurous is one of them!

Creative action!


Being creative in the support we give, the training we design and how we communicate is essential. It’s what engages people and helps us give people that fire in the belly to give Gr8 Support!


In every relationship, how we connect and value each other is so important. You can see the importance of this in our REACH Standards and The Gr8 Support Movement here.

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Events and Training

Creative training and workshops can inspire us in the way we work and what we see as possible. Take a peek here to find out about the range of training and workshops we deliver.

Reach Standards

Our 9 REACH Standards will help you support people with fresh eyes and passion. Recommended by CQC, click here to find out more…

Gr8 Support Movement

The Gr8 Support Movement connects Supporters across the country to inspire and give Gr8 Support. It’s is a pioneering movement that is values-based, thought-provoking, encouraging and highly interactive.

Hello! We’re Paradigm

At Paradigm we love working with people across the country to inspire action and responsibility in giving Gr8 Support. It’s all about people’s right to good ordinary lives. We can inspire and equip your staff team through: our exciting range of training courses;  through the CQC recommended REACH Standards that challenge us to aspire to the true principles of Support for Living; or by connecting with other Supporters across the country through The Gr8 Support Movement. Take a look around our website and let us know what we can do for you…

What makes Gr8 Support stand out for me is that its about support workers and is driven by what’s important to support workers. I am thoroughly inspired by some of the posts that are shared here.

Lu Dash

Manager, Aldingbourne Trust


"The course was mind-blowing, inspiring, nurturing, challenging, emotional, motivating and rewarding (to name just a few things)."


"Thank you for sending the new REACH materials. They are excellent and I particularly appreciated the emphasis on the idea that we are talking about a process rather than an event; a conversation rather than a checklist."

Peter, Operations Manager Bristol


The leadership team were so anxious about hearing the initial report following the Service review. It was challenging. However, the style of the report and the skillful facilitation by Owen actually made it a really positive team building experience leading to real chang.e”

Mark, Senior Manager – Wales


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