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When tasks come to matter more than people

Jo Giles, one of the co-founders of the Gr8 Support Movement, recently shared her thoughts below with the Gr8 Support Movement Change Makers.  We wanted to share it wider so...over to Jo! Hello! Just thought I'd share something that I read recently that really struck...

Something inside so strong

As relevant today as in 2017! As I am sitting loading content onto our new website (a work in progress!) I came accross this post from a few years ago...I thought I'd share it again. "Sometimes songs come on the radio just at the right time! 'Something inside so...

Discover ME. The power of communication

Be curious, be creative, always see potential I just wanted to share a powerful moment in our Intensive Interaction workshop with Janet Gurney (Us in a Bus) last week.  Participants had been asked to reflect and see how they could put some of what they had learned on...

A conversation, a time of discovery, not an assessment!

So simple but made so complicated Last week I had another great day. A day that also made me think again ‘why is something so simple often made so complicated?’ I text a colleague to share my thoughts and feelings. She suggested I share them more widely so here I am....

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