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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join The Gr8 Support Movement?

You can either give us a call on 020 8870 8643 to talk this through and soon you’ll be able to sign up on our website. We will then send an invoice to your organisation. Once this is paid, we will give you access to the movement and you can get connecting, learning and being inspired! If you are joining individually you can even pay online here and then we’ll get you started! It’s that simple!

Why are The REACH Standards so important?

Too often people with a learning disability receive support that doesn’t fully embrace being able to live a good ordinary life just like everyone else gets to? Why should people with a learning disability have to accept less? They have a right to live with who they want to, to be part of their local community. The REACH Standards are simple and powerful and if used with integrity and in a genuine way, create support for people that wraps around what they want and need. Support that connects them to their local community and embraces inclusion and freedom. We hear so often from staff how the Standards and the training opens people’s eyes as to what truly Gr8 Support looks like and creates that fire in the belly to make it happen. Even the CQC openly recommend them to organisations!

What’s the difference on your website between becoming a ‘member' and a ’supporter of Paradigm’?

When you become a member of The Gr8 Support Movement or for REACH, this gives you access to a whole range of amazing resources that you can use in your role and in your organisation. If you become a ’Supporter of Paradigm’, it is just simply saying that you support Paradigm. In return you will have access to some of the different, free videos, articles, and fun resources that we have at Paradigm. We will also keep you in touch by email of training or events/information that might interest you. If you don’t want to be signed to this you can always unsubscribe from it. We just like to be connected to you!

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