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Every week Paradigm gets calls from provider organisations, local Commissioners, CCGs or health colleagues wanting to discuss particular training needs for their staff.

‘Off The Shelf’ Training

Some people choose training from the following offer. Whilst this training will have some core content, we will always work with you to make sure that it is ‘tweaked’ to meet the needs of your team.

Examples of Paradigm’s Courses

Reach Support for 


One day course 

We will bring The REACH Standards to life, share tips, inspire and challenge…

Supported Decision


Mental Capacity Act

This course is a practical and inspiring exploration of how to support…

Individual Life


Training and facilitation

No two people are the same. Ensuring people are supported to design…

My Love Life. My Relationships 

One day course

˜Why can’t we talk about love, relationships and all that, it’s important to me!’ was a comment from a self-advocate recently. Sadly, loneliness is the terrible reality for many people with learning disabilities.  

This one day workshop explores how we can support and free people to experience relationships of their choice.

These relationships could vary from knowing someone just enough to say ‘hello’, bonding with friends, caring for close relatives, having intimate relationships with partners to being in love.


The Power of Community

One day course 

Being connected to your community is an integral part of leading an ordinary life. It is a human right and is the essence of real inclusion. This inspiring and practical course explores how you can make sure that those you support are tapping into the power of their community.

Too often people with learning disabilities are isolated because they don’t feel part of their community and are not supported to exercise their rights to play a full role in their community.

This training will inspire you to see your Community as an asset, as the bread and water to leading an ordinary and vibrant life.

Supporting People with Loss and Grief

One day course  

Catherine, a woman with learning disabilities, recently said ‘Why don’t people talk to me about my sad feelings, about people I love who have died or my sad feelings when support workers I like suddenly leave?’

People with learning disabilities are often insufficiently prepared and supported to understand and deal with loss and grief in their lives, whether this is caused by, for example, the death of a parent or friend, or other losses such as those caused by life changes. So often the feelings of sadness and loss are ignored. 

This one day course will enable participants to offer sensitive support around bereavement, loss and grief.

Thank you so much – really enjoyable. You’re an inspiration – you have reignited my enthusiasm.


Support Worker, Manchester

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