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Every week Paradigm gets calls from provider organisations, local Commissioners, CCGs or health colleagues wanting to discuss particular training needs for their staff.

‘Off The Shelf’ Training

Some people choose training from the following example. Whilst this training will have some core content, we will always work with you to make sure that it is ‘tweaked’ to meet the needs of your team.

Examples of Paradigm’s Courses and Facilitation

Reach Support for


One day or as three, half-day online workshops

We will bring The REACH Standards to life, share tips, inspire and challenge by:


  1. Creating a deeper understanding of the principles of support for living (supported living).
  2. Introducing The Practical Guide to the Reach Standards and exploring how they can support your work.
  3. Sharing ideas and resources to support your work with individuals and your organisation.

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Supported Decision-Making

This interactive, practice-based and co-facilitated day will:

  1. Explore what Supported Decision-Making is, highlight how it is embedded in law.
  2. Develop your skills in supporting people to explore choices and make decisions.
  3. Introduce you to the FREE co-produced  ‘A Practical Guide to Supported Decision-Making’ and ALL its practical tools to support your work.

And more….

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Individual Life



Individual Life Designs are helpful when people are specifically looking to design their support during circumstances that involve change, for example, someone leaving home or a hospital setting. Whatever the focus, this is a time for discovery (not assessment). Our conversations will discover a person’s gifts and capacities, their community and relationships and be grounded in the belief that people themselves and those that love, know and care about them are best placed to figure out what a good life is.

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Good Governance – ensuring inclusivity

One day course

Principle 6 of The Charity Governance Code requires Governance/Trustee boards to have a clear approach to ensuring ‘equality, diversity and inclusion.’

This co-facilitated day will explore how board of Trustees can govern their organisation and shape its future in a way that values the voices and experiences of all.  This is a chance for a board of Trustees to review how they work and make plans to ensure a more inclusive and effective board moving forward.


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The Power of Community

One day course 

Being connected to your community is an integral part of leading an ordinary life. It is a human right and is the essence of real inclusion. This inspiring and practical course explores how you can make sure that those you support are tapping into the power of their community.

Too often people with learning disabilities are isolated because they don’t feel part of their community and are not supported to exercise their rights to play a full role in their community.

This training will inspire you to see your Community as an asset; as the bread and water to leading an ordinary and vibrant life.

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Talking about Life and Death

Two half day online workshops

As we move through the pandemic, it is even more important we take care of our Support Workers so that they feel more at ease with talking about life, death and loss with the people they support.

Interactive online workshops: 

We are offering online workshops for Support Workers (who work with people with a learning disability and/or autism) to explore how we talk with people about life and death. We use a range of resources including the new downloadable resource: ‘Cards on life, death and loss created by Jo Giles and Claire Lam.  

The workshops are run as 2 online workshops run by Jo Giles and Sally Warren. The first workshop is on our own attitudes around death and the second is a more practical workshop sharing a range of resources and tips for engaging in conversations.  

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Thank you so much – really enjoyable. You’re an inspiration – you have reignited my enthusiasm.


Support Worker, Manchester

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