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Designing for you

Every week Paradigm gets calls from provider organisations, local Commissioners, CCGs or health colleagues wanting to discuss particular training needs for their staff.

These conversations lead to us:

  1. Agreeing a bespoke training package that specifically meets their needs, iscurrent, engaging and action-focused.
  2. Providing the best Associates from our team to deliver this. 80% of our training involves Associates with a learning disability co-facilitating the training.

  3. An evaluation report sent within 2 weeks of the training delivery.

‘Off The Shelf’ Training

Some people choose training from the following offer. Whilst this training will have some core content, we will always work with you to make sure that it is ‘tweaked’ to meet the needs of your team.

Paradigm’s Courses

Reach Support for 



We will bring The REACH Standards to life, share tips, inspire and challenge…

Supported Decision


Mental Capacity Act

This course is a practical and inspiring exploration of how to support…

Individual Life



No two people are the same. Ensuring people are supported to design…

Thank you so much – really enjoyable. You’re an inspiration – you have reignited my enthusiasm.


Support Worker, Manchester

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