CPD Training for Social Workers 2023: Growing Older and Planning Ahead

This resource was created from the Manchester Metropolitan University research project ‘Growing Older and Planning Ahead’ led by Prof Sara Ryan.

We, Paradigm, LOVED creating this resource and working with such amazing people! Have a look to hear and watch their stories.

Click HERE to download the resource.


Recording of the Launch of the Practical Guide to Supported Decision-Making (Paradigm and partners)

Click here to listen the Dr Lucy Series, Sue Livett, and Dr Jo Watson, their knowledge of and passion in, ensuring ALL are supported to make decision about their lives. PLUS Sally Warren and Michelle McDermott (Paradigm) give you a quick tour of the new FREE resource!

A Practical Guide to Supported Decision-Making

We have co-produced this exciting resource as we heard from so many people that Supported Decision-Making was too often not happening. Launched on 14 June, we hope that this guide will help you understand what Supported Decision-Making is and it is bedded in law. You will find all sorts of tools to use, from narrated photostories, Easy Read information, Easy Read forms to record a person’s decisions, real legal case studies and real life stories with questions to provoke discussions in your teams and further … the list goes on! Its defintely worth a read!

Don't ever call us unskilled again!

 “Don’t ever call us ‘unskilled’ again” is a report that brings you the voices of 118 Support Workers (supporting people with a learning disability and/or autism) from across the UK. The report captures their  experiences, thoughts, ideas and learning  during the pandemic and  shares them with the nation.

Playing Your Part in Creating Positive Cultures

Creating Positive Cultures was an initiative established by Paradigm, a UK based training and development agency working primarily with organisations that provide support for people with learning disabilities.

Read the full report from Sally Warren, Owen Cooper and Dr Christina Schawbenland here.

Thinking about my friend Michelle (Sally Warren)

We still aren’t getting health care right for learning disabled and autistic people. Too many people with a learning disability are dying too young.

An amazing friend of mine called Michelle died a few years ago after having cancer. Michelle was passionate about everyone being valued and listened to and would have wanted to experience to benefit others. We facilitated a workshop to celebrate Michelle’s life, to reflect on what had happened and think about what people need when they are ill. The resource shared here is the result of that moving workshop.

What is Supported Living and Residential Care? (Paradigm 2022)

People often ask us what the difference is between Residential Care and Supported Living (Support for living!)…here is what we think!

A Practical Guide toThe Reach Standards

Here is our FREE Practical Guide to The Reach Standards

Reach Standards Practical Guide cover.

Free Life and Death Cards

These cards a a great way to help people be curious about each other and talk about what matters to them in life and death. Free for you to use, you can download them now FREE.

Reach Standards Practical Guide cover.

Healing Integrity Gaps: a framework for conversation (John O’Brien and Paradigm)

This framework for a conversation was developed with John O’Brien as part of our 2015 ‘Creating Positive Cultures’ project. 

Reach Standards Practical Guide cover.

An ordinary life – The way forward

In 2012 at Paradigm’s ‘Re-connecting Heart and Mind’ workshop, John O’Brien asked the group this question: ‘What threatens an organisation’s ability to support relationships that connect the heart and the mind?’

The discussion that followed was powerful. Engaging our hearts and minds, highlighted the potential negative power of the service system and reminded us that it is all of us – the people supported, families, community and paid staff – not government or regulators who have the ability to remove the barriers to the ordinary life that so many people want.

Read the paper sharing people’s idea and action here: An Ordinary Life The way forward 19th copy

Hearts and Minds (John O’Brien and Paradigm)

Summarising a day of conversation hosted by Paradigm with the support of John O’Brien in 2012 in this report John writes that ‘In an important way, the value of public investment in social care comes down to the capacity to bring respectful, trustworthy people into the lives of people with learning difficulties and their families. People who are able and willing to learn how to connect with and come to understand a person and join that person to discover and make the best of opportunities for a meaningful community life.’

Reach Standards Practical Guide cover.




Reach Standards Practical Guide cover.

Gr8 Support Movement

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