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Paradigm is a development and training organisation with a passion for freeing people to live good ordinary lives – particularly people with a learning disability/autism. Our talented team of Associates (including people with a learning disability/autism) bring a vast range of experience, knowledge and skills. We love to listen to you and design what you need.

Development and Training Organisation

Paradigm is about encouraging all (people with a learning disability, their families, organisations and communities) to explore what more is possible. Boundless in energy and aspiration, we are totally committed to making people’s right to live the life THEY choose, a reality, not just a dream.

Sally Warren is Paradigm’s Managing Director and it is her experience, creativity and passion that infuses all of our work:

  • Bespoke training and workshops
  • Organisational and Service reviews
  • Co-production of organisational strategies
  • Planning Together training and facilitation
  • Individual Life Design training and facilitation – REACH Support for LIVING
  • The Gr8 Support Movement
  • Bespoke projects
  • Supervision

The success of our work is based on our ability to bring people together to imagine the unimaginable and discover the possibilities. We help dust off the cobwebs, re-energise tired thinking and banish those institutionalised blues. WE are all about making human rights real and freeing people to live good ordinary lives.

The Paradigm Team

Paradigm has a talented team of very passionate, committed and experienced Associates, some with a learning disability and some without. Each Associate brings their own specialisms, and we match these specialisms to each customer’s needs.

We want our partnership with our customers to be inspiring, powerful and thought provoking, and we ensure this by: – engaging, listening and learning from people directly
– focusing on the wishes and aspirations of people with a learning disability

– finding innovative and creative solutions
– inspiring people to connect hearts, minds and actions
– being excited about possibilities
– working alongside people with a learning disability to co-produce and co- deliver 80% of our training and development – not being afraid to challenging people’s thinking

If you don’t see what you need on our website, give us a call to see how we can create something to meet your needs. You can call us on 020 8870 8643 or email us at

Paradigm’s passion for seeing all life’s possibilities for and with people with learning disabilities and ensuring their right to a life – the one they want – and for them having control over what happens to them is what permeates Paradigm’s work through their leadership and energy. It may be hard times, but Paradigm shows people that there are things we can do together to make a real difference, engaging everyone’s resources and skills.
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