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Individual Life Designs are helpful when people are specifically looking to design their support when they are facing circumstances that involve change, for example someone leaving home or a hospital setting. Whatever the focus, this is a time for discovery (not assessment). The conversations will discover a person’s gifts and capacities, their community and relationships and be grounded in the belief that people themselves and those that love, know and care about them are best placed to figure out what a good life is.


Importantly, the plans created are highly detailed and include looking at the type of property, adaptions, who to live with (if anyone) or near, and the amount and type of support required.

Individual Life Design is NOT JUST simply about making a plan, finding a property and then adding staff accordingly. Individual Life Design is a process that explores a good life style and designs support that is going to help people get what they want out of life.

To facilitate a Life Design, Sally Warren (or an Associate) will:

  • gather a little information about a person when someone is referred
  • meet the person and plan with them who they would like to invite to their Life Design workshop and agree when and where this will take place
  • facilitate the workshop to discover and capture what a good life will look like for the person moving forward
  • write up the Life Design within 48 hours and send it to the person, people the person wants to share it with and the person who made the referral

Paradigm currently works with Local Authorities and NHS Trusts to support people in Assessment and Treatment Units, as well as working with organisations supporting individuals moving from ‘registered care’ to ‘supported living’.  

I am amazed by how my daughter got involved and what you discovered…it was so different.  Thank you! (Mum, Swindon)

To find out more contact Sally:  Sallyw@paradigm-uk.org or call 07792405976

The essence of Individual Life Design is discovering what matters to the person and designing support accordingly.

Fulton and Kinsella



To talk through your needs contact hello@paradigm-uk.org or call 020 8870 8643.

Thank you so much to your team for facilitating TRULY individual services designs for six people we support. The process and the designs created showed deep listening to the wishes and needs of both the person and those important to them. The families have been so positive saying ‘It is one of the first times we have felt really included.’ The good news is that the plans are now being put into action and we have a very clear plan to share with the LA who were pushing to ‘fit people in’ to what they had available.

CEO, London

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