We are hugely excited to now share our co-produced ‘A Practical Guide to Supported Decision-Making’ with you!

Thanks to the sponsorship of Dimensions, North Wales Together and Exclusively Inclusive, we have co-produced this booklet to help you feel more confident in supporting people in their decision-making. As Sally Warren our Managing Director said, ‘Life is a series of small and big decisions that feed into what our ‘every days’ and our future looks like. We all need support at different points to create and steer the lives we want – this includes people with a learning disability.’

This guide will give you :

  • an insight into what Supported Decision-Making is.
  • the law on Supported Decision-Making and how it works.
  • an understanding of capacity and best interest decision-making.
  • links to lots of different resources.
  • lots of real-life examples from our amazing co-producers (with questions that you can use to hold conversations around them).
  • narrated photo stories (and questions for discussions) that can be used with people you support.
  • helpful blank Easy Read templates to help you explore and record people’s capacity and templates to help you capture what people are communicating.

We have to thank as well, all the TRULY AMAZING people who helped us co-produce this resource that is a revamped version of the 2008 much used booklet created by Helen Sanderson, Kate Fulton and Kellie Woodley. Those people are self-advocates, family members, Support Workers Managers and Commissioners: Cameron and Janet Swales, Amanda Watson, Liz Wilson, Katie Peacock, Mark John-Williams, Kathryn Whitfield, Robert Sawyer, Michelle McDermott, Nicholas Bettis and James Lewis.  We also want to thank Dr Lucy Series (Lecturer in the School for Policy Studies at Bristol University) who checked the booklet is correct and Sam Smith for checking the Scottish aspect. THANK YOU!

We will soon be launching a Support Decision-Making training so do contact us at hello@paradigm-uk.org if you would be interested in this.

So all that remains to be said is….we hope you find this resource helpful!

(Do let us know if you find any broken links. Sometimes people move the content on their website which breaks our links. Its good for us to know if they are broken so that we can replace them!)

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