Here is an update from Claire Bates at the Supported Loving Network that will be of interest to many of us.
The network is easy to sign up to by clicking on this link
Supported Loving in-person network meeting in Leeds. Please see the link to join us here…/supported-loving-network…

We have some important work to do, we want members join us to help develop our charter explaining what sexuality and relationship support we WANT and looking at what we want to CHANGE. It is very important that the views of people with learning disabilities and autistic people are prioritised so please come along and tell us what to include.  We will be talking about Supported Loving’s upcoming new research project exploring what support autistic people may need and want from social care staff and how this can be best provided. Plus more to be confirmed … We also have online tickets (we will hopefully address some of the technical issues we had last time) join here

Law Course– this course in the Easter Holidays but we have some people joining us and you could too! This practical online course will explore how the most common issues and concerns regarding the law and supporting sexuality and/ or relationships. The course is designed for those providing support and is not a course aimed at legal professionals, it will include some case law examples but will not be overly legal e.g. lots of jargon etc. Book here…/support-my-right-to-love…

Event- Mental Capacity in the Context of Sexual Relationships and Intimacy at Keele University- Please see attached flyer, this event brings together academics and practitioners working on issues of mental capacity, sexual relationships and intimacy. It aims to take an interdisciplinary approach to the issues raised by recent legal developments around tests for capacity to consent to sex, contact and social media use, as well as wider issues impacting on the development and maintenance of intimate relationships. One of the key drivers of the event is the need for a multifaceted analysis of the issues raised, and the confirmed speakers range from legal and disability studies academics, legal practitioners, social workers and psychiatrists.

Research– Call for participants: Qualitative research to understand the support needs of disabled rape-victim survivors. The Ministry of Justice is funding a team of disabled and non-disabled researchers to talk to D/deaf and disabled adult victims and survivors of rape and/or sexual assault in England and Wales about their support needs and their experiences of using victim support services. Please see the attached flyer.

Guideposts – Interact – Relationship Workshops for Adults with Social, Learning Difficulties and on the Autism Spectrum- Please see courses below from Guideposts where adults will learn more about friendships, intimate relationships, family planning and sexual relationships with positive and friendly staff to provide skills for developing independence in long term relationships.

Masturbation, Autism and Learning Disabilities course run by Cwmni Addysg Rhyw – Sex Education Company is running in July – grab a place here I have attended and it is a great course…/masturbation-autism-and…
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