Tony, from ‘Glowyerownway’ has worked with people with learning disabilities for over 15 years, most recently as CEO of the Elfrida Society, where he facilitated the co-production of an inclusive wellbeing strategy for the organisation. 

Tony has worked as a Support Worker, Advocate, Project Manager and Support Broker and was the CQC Registered Manager for the organisation’s outreach support project for 7 years, so he knows the pressures Support Workers face and the importance of equipping staff with the resources they need to work in a nurturing, sustainable way. With over 15 years experience designing and delivering workshops for Support Workers & Managers, Tony has qualifications in leadership and management, health care (MTI), NLP (AIP), Coaching & Mindfulness. As a member of the Mindfulness and Social Change network,

Tony is passionate about the potential of Mindfulness and Self-Compassion practices to empower those of us working to make society more kind, fair and inclusive.

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