Paradigm (facilitators of the Gr8 Support Movement) in partnership with Tony Bamforth from ‘Glowyerownway’ are offering an exciting and pioneering series of practical, evidence-based, interactive workshops, cultivating best practice for supporting workforce well-being.

These ‘Thriving’ workshops have been developed in response to conversations in the Gr8 Support Movement and are designed to equip Team Leaders and Line Managers with the tools and approaches they need, to ensure Support Workers feel nurtured and well supported, so they can thrive at work.

See full info here: Thriving – Workshops investing in workforce well-being (4)

Support work and support work management is emotionally and mentally demanding; not least due to the huge pressures created by the pandemic. By investing in ourselves and our teams, we can all work in a more sustainable way that protects and nurtures our emotional and mental health. As research shows, we can do this by nurturing the core qualities that people need to thrive and empower themselves – qualities and skillsets such as courage, compassion, perspective, emotional literacy, reflective practice and rebalance.


See this BLOG: How can ‘skilling up’ with courage and compassion take the recruitment crisis? (A guest blog from Tony Bamforth.)

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