At a recent Health and Social Care Committee hearing, the Care Minister, Helen Whately was asked to explain the high number of deaths in young autistic and learning disabled people and why their mistreatment continues, with no notable change in the last decade.

Following the two previous evidence sessions, the inquiry raised with the Minister poor experiences of inpatient care, including ongoing concerns about the unnecessary use of restraint, segregation and seclusion for autistic people and individuals with learning disabilities.

Personal experiences were put to the Minister, with the panel’s key questions being: why are so many people with learning disabilities and autism dying so young? Why are there still more than 2,000 people in inpatient units, many of whom are receiving inadequate care? Why are restraints and isolation still regularly practiced? Why – 10 years on from Winterbourne View and the Transforming Care programme – does it seem as though nothing has changed?

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