Hello! I help to design and co-ordinate different projects like ‘The Reach films project’ and ‘Let’s talk about death’. I help run The Gr8 Support Movement that connects many amazing Support Workers across the country. I also design lots of resources for the different projects and people we work with.

I have trained as an End of Life Doula which feeds into everything I do –  mostly the way I listen, communicate and support people. (I’m a bit passionate about beautiful, valuing communciation!)

I also help Professor Irene Tuffrey-Wijne support a group called GRASSroots for people with a learning disability where we talk and death and loss.

I’m a mum and this has been my most important role in life – to bring up two human beings to live their lives with compassion, social responsibility, love, curiosity, authenticy and of course humour.

I also love: dancing (salsa/tango), being by the sea, feeling the warm sun and spontaneous beautiful interactions with people!

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