The prvious CEO of Three Cs, a London-based social care organisation, Jo Clare believes it is possible to create an environment in which everyone, including the most profoundly disabled people, can discover and use their strengths and abilities to make valued contributions to society, to their own lives and the lives of others.

After 30 years trial and error as practitioner and/or leader in the fields of community education, supported housing and social care, Jo knows that the right interventions and opportunities can deliver levels of successful social inclusion for people with learning disabilities which confound all stereotypes.

With 13 years in CEO roles and an MA in Leading Innovation and Change under her belt, she is passionate about creating the conditions in which successful social inclusion becomes the rule, not the exception.

A highly experienced trainer and facilitator, human rights in services and human value in cultures and systems is a constant theme in Jo’s work, as is values-based innovation and change. She is delighted to be an Associate Consultant for Paradigm, a company which she describes as utterly uncompromising in its determination to support people with learning disabilities to achieve ordinary lives.

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