Mike Harris (GigBuddies Portsmouth) writes…

‘It all began in March when the government announced lockdown measures due to the Covid-19 pandemic and it was clear we needed to find someway to help poeple connect for fun!

I liaised a few Gig Buddies about what they enjoy doing and they mentioned quizzes; I remembered using ‘Kahoot!’ before and that it worked well either with a large live audience, in a group setting or as something to engage with people individually at home on their smartphones or tablets etc so I set about creating a few quizzes and posted them the Gig Buddies Facebook page each Friday.

As time passed, a number of Gig Buddies have created their own quizzes and sent over a link for me to post on our Facebook page.  This has been fantastic of connecting people, maintaining engagement with the project and empowering the adults with a learning disability to grow in confidence and independence by learning how to create interactive quizzes and show off their skills, whilst challenging their friends and the wider community!

All in all, it has been a pleasure to see it spawn from a random idea, through discussion, to something many people look forward each week to see if they can top the leader board or simply test their own knowledge or reduce the lockdown boredom!

Click below find some of the quizzes:

PLEASE note the quizzes ‘expire’ after a few weeks.  Join the Facebook group via the link below to keep unto date!

To link with the Gig Buddy Facebook page is here: https://www.facebook.com/GigBuddiesPortsmouth/

If anyone who lives in Portsmouth would like to become part of Gig Buddies Portsmouth,  the link to signing up and our blog is here: https://www.aldingbournetrust.org/gigbuddiesportsmouth.html#/

There are also Gig Buddies schemes in many other areas, so if anyone wants to know more, the main Gig Buddies page, based in Brighton, is here: https://gigbuddies.org.uk/

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