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‘Now we have the pandemic. We know its devastating impact on those who live in care homes, and on those who work in them.  This is national scandal, amounting, I would argue, to a systemic violation of human rights, resulting both from government action and inaction.  We have yet to see the impact on people who draw on other forms of social care support, whether in other forms of congregate living or in their own homes or on the people who work in these areas.  We can only hope it isn’t as terrible.  ‘Speaking truth to power’ in this moment is vital, because it is an emergency.  Lives are being avoidably lost.  Further loss of life must be prevented.  Accountability is everything.

Nevertheless, the impact of this pandemic will extend way beyond its immediate toll on people’s lives, and hence we still need have an eye to the future and the longer-term impacts for care and support…”

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