In the opening to this short paper Sally Warren says…”Frankly, people with learning disabilities and their families did not need the lock-down to understand what it means to be isolated and marginalised. But, as in many other areas of life, Covid-19 and the policy responses to the pandemic have magnified these experiences.

They have also illuminated on a small scale what will be required going forward if we are to build a more inclusive society that genuinely enables people with a learning disability/autism to lead a full life and participate as equal citizens. This needs to be the overarching purpose of new social care.

In the short paper below, we offer a small selection of these voices of experience.

The experiences and thoughts were shared during a Friday #Gr8 Chat and Brew following an invitation from #socialcarefuture for people with lived experience of social care to share their thoughts ready for a meeting with the Keir Statement MP and Liz Kendall MP.”

Click here to read: Lockdown lessons for a better social care future.



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