In the Guardian newspaper this week there was a special supplement all about Diabetes.  Both Type 1 and Type 2.  We think there is some really helpful info so wanted to share it. It is sponsored by a medical company but there are a good range of articles and info about peoples experiences and new technology.

I, Sally (Paradigm), live with Type1 Diabetes and have made use of tech so I don’t have to do finger prick blood tests anymore – I can simply scan my glucose levels.  This has made my diabetes easier to control.  I have become more and more aware and concerned about how few medical professionals, including learning disability nurses, keep up to date with the tech.  It is a fast changing medical area.   IT IS so important that as many people as possible are aware of the amazing tech AND it must be made it available to people with a learning disability who could benefit.

Have a read AND make sure you tell the people you support, families and professionals about what is possible!

This link takes you to the website that has all the info published in the newspaper:

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