Great article about #SupportedLoving in the Guardian today.  As Pam says in the article “Relationships are important because they give you a life companion,” she says. “You can share things and cuddle up.” (Pam My Life My Choice)

We love playing our part in bringing the Supported Loving network to life.

The article highlights one of Paradigm‘s contributions based on our learning with the Gr8 Support Movement.

‘One of the toolkit’s guides outlines how relationship support should be a vital part of a care professional’s role. The tips and examples, contributed by training organisation Paradigm, suggest staff receive face-to-face guidance on how to have conversations about and support people in exploring sexuality, love and relationships. There must be clear policies around relationships rather than incorporating this issue into safeguarding training. Staff must also not assume people lack the capacity to form loving bonds or have sexual relationships./ (Sally and Jo, Paradigm)

See the full article here: ‘It’s a human right…’

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