Jayne Knight explains that…

‘The Radio 4 programme, File on 4 on 12th February 2019 looked at supported living and what the increases in unexplained deaths and serious injuries mean for those living in supported living environments. At LDE we believe that institutionalisation can happen in any setting if strong values and principles are not driving how the support is designed and delivered.  Good care and support cannot be achieved when economic factors rather than the people supported have come to dominate the shape of available care models.

The programme featured Jayne Knight, an independent advocate, housing and care specialist and a member of LDE. We spoke to Jayne and asked her, on behalf of LDE, if she could give her opinion on what’s good about supported living as it is, what’s wrong about it and what needs to happen for it to improve…’

Click here to read more: Supported Living – What I am seeing and hearing, Jayne Knight


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