This paper, published in 2008, was produced following a project facilitated by Sally Warren and Owen Cooper (Paradigm).

Since its publication the ‘age of austerity’ has had a massive impact on social care funding and so much more. So we wrote in 2010…

‘As the impact of the economic downturn and the dwindling public finances from the credit crunch hit public services in the UK, there is a growing pressure that all of us will experience of reducing funding over the coming years, and possibly longer.

There are two options. We can either wait for central, regional or local government to come up with solutions and be passive recipients of this. Or, we can be pro-active and take this opportunity to make a concerted push around developing alternatives to just paid support, promote better outcomes for people and be in control of our own destiny as funding reduces.

The content of this paper has come from listening to and drawing out ideas from people’s and organisation’s stories and their efforts to explore what may work in today’s world’

The paper is still relevant today….click here to read the paper: All_20Together_20NOW

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