In her blog ‘Havoc in Halifax’ Katie Clarke talks about the love her family have for her daughter and the day to day challenges of ensuring she lives a life like that of any one else of her age…… her brothers, sisters and peers.
In this blog ‘Drowning in Direct Payments’ Katie shares the reality faced by many people and their families when the system and yes, ‘professionals’ work in ways that devalue and limit rather than value and aspire.
Katie writes.... ‘We drown in the whole Direct Payments dream. Self-directed support is a great concept. We doggy paddle in deep waves with no life jacket. No one there to come and rescue us. Feeling dumped by our local authority who are happy in the notion that we save them money. However, we never wanted to be unpaid managers (or even paid ones), who have HR policies and procedures in place at the risk of having to be sued and go to tribunal. The horrendous headaches of recruitment, the stress of rotas, of no emergency back up teams, of PAs going off on maternity and no budget to cover them, the never ending worry of the budget being cut and the social worker doing another bloody assessment.’
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