Just letting you know about CASCAIDr, a new legal advice charity helping people to get an adequate health or social care package, if they’re struggling with the legal aspects, that is, such as wrangles over assessment, eligibility or decision-making about a care package.
We’ll be taking on the following sorts of problems for free:
  • access to funded advocacy rights;
  • whether assessments are compliant with the law;
  • whether councils are following the statutory Guidance;
  • rights to funds for sufficient levels of care
  • the legality of cuts to care plans
We’ll provide free and outcome-focused advice, a Care Act checklist and a pre-action protocol letter to people with these problems.
CASCAIDr will also provide chargeable but low-cost advice on a wider range of problems, to those needing support in relation to submitting complaints and accessing other remedies. All that money will go towards funding the charity’s free scope work…
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