‘The idea of happily was born from my first-hand experience of helping my younger sister who has learning disabilities trying to find love and friendship. You can spot us on our website http://happilydating.co.uk/.
How we work:
1. Consultation- we have an initial consultation meeting with each person where we agree areas of support for relationships and friendships as well as checking documentation and discussing T&Cs.
2. Profile- we will then create a happily profile for the person to approve.
3. Match- we then suggest potential new friends and dates based on the consultation meeting and ongoing feedback.
4. Support- a chaperone will be present to oversee the first meeting of two members so that no personal contact information is exchanged. A chaperone could be a care worker, a family member or someone from happily.
To become a member of happily we would have an initial consultation meeting with each person. For the meeting we ask that the person has:
. A form of ID (freedom pass or passport)
. A reference letter from a friend or supporter confirming that they have a learning disability – this will have to be on headed paper and can be written by support staff or family members. An email is acceptable as well if it includes your work email signature and address.
We are currently building up our membership base so we are offering some great introduction prices. Please let me know if you would like me to send more information at all.
I would be very happy to come and meet people to explain how we work if they might be interested in joining.
All the best
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