It is shameful that people have to fight for the right to choose how and who they live with but glad to see people are ready to challenge Rochdale’s proposals.

Over the past few months, like many of us, I have become increasingly concerned as I hear more and more people saying that Supported Living may not be affordable, that people look at the principles of Reach and say ‘we can’t do that…’ This is often people who I thought really ‘got it!’

2017 will see us focusing on Reach Support for Living and ensuring more and more people, families, communities and professionals know that Supported Living (Support for Living) is not a optional ‘extra’ but a basic right!

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Let’s make 2017 a year we stand together.  The year we:

– ensure people know about their legal and human rights and refuse to accept things being ‘done’ to them that others simply wouldn’t accept

– are brave enough to stand up for what we know is right

– keep lifting the ‘veil of indifference’ (as John O’Brien said in our webinar last week) and feel the pain of our hearts being broken by injustice and finding strength in connecting with each other.  

– check every decision by thinking ‘Does this decision take us closer or further away from our vision of good ordinary lives for all?’

Here’s to 2017!


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