The letter I have never sent…

I have just read the blog ‘Letters I have never sent’ from ‘Bringing Us Together’. I was so moved that I decided to share it here.

I have been baffled for decades about how we have ‘human services’ that are often so far from human. Systems that override the natural, that de-value family, love and community. Professionals (including me) that at times think they ‘know best’ and forget to truly listen, to value, to create and engage Heart and Mind.

This year we have all been horrified by the terrible impact on the lives of people and their families as the result of this systematic, dehumanising approach. We have also seen and heard some wonderful stories of people achieving what they have dreamed of. We know what is possible.

No more from me, other than to say, we look forward to working with you all in 2015 to stir up that groundswell of discontent and creative new opportunities designed with, by and for each individual. A groundswell that develops as people realise, they don’t have to ‘accept their lot’ or what ‘the system offers’.

What part can you play in achieving this goal? What can we do together?

Here’s to all the connections, ideas and action that WILL sustain us all in 2015.

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