So simple but made so complicated

Welcome to Paradigm’s first blog.  I, Sally, will share news, ideas, concerns and opinions with you.  Other colleagues and friends will also contribute.  We look forward to hearing your thoughts so please do share.

There were many things we were going to write about in our first Blog ….lots of positives BUT , like many others, we are so incensed by the failures in relation to supporting people to move out of Assessment and Treatment Units that our first blog focuses on that and the Call to Action we have been involved in drafting as part of the Campaign for a Fair Society.

We have never understood how being sent miles away from home to be detained in a unit, to be supported by strangers and detached from anything or anyone familiar could be seen as a positive for anyone.   NOW we just can’t get my head around the fact that more people are detained in Assessment and Treatment Units (ATU’s) than a year ago.

As the Call to Action states ‘This is inhumane detention masquerading as treatment and a flagrant breach of Article 5 of the EU Convention on Human Rights, the right to liberty.’ THIS HAS TO STOP.

The ‘Call to Action’ – launched by the campaign in July is a powerful hightlighting the reality of a fundamentally abusive system AND offering some practical action steps for: Political leaders, NHS, Care Quality Commission, Local Authorities,  Clinical Commissioning Groups, Health and Well-Being Boards and Commissioners.

Here is a summary BUT to read in full click here Call to Action July 2014

‘The Campaign for a Fair Society calls for a radical strategy to end, once and for all, the scandalous detention and placement of over 3000 people with learning disabilities and/or autism in institutions for long term care away from their homes. In the wake of Winterbourne View, voluntary and gradual reform of the assessment and treatment system has been an abject failure and there are more people in this fundamentally abusive system now than there were a year ago. The campaign calls on political leadership, and all those with a role to play in planning, commissioning, providing and regulating care, to ensure that assessment and treatment is provided close to home. De-commissioning of out-of-area placements should be combined with a strategy of building local provider capacity for community solutions and strengthening local support. Respect for people’s human rights to liberty under the EU Convention on Human Rights, Article 5 should be paramount and all decisions about care must comply with the requirement for the ‘least restrictive option’ under the Mental Capacity Act 2005 and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards. Decisions about care must involve families and/or advocates. Providers who serially detain people with learning disabilities and/or autism rather than successfully assess and treat them towards resettlement should be de-registered. Campaign for a Fair Society believes that “…human rights are for everyone, including the most disabled members of our community, and those rights include the same right to liberty as everyone else” (Hale 2014).  People should only ever be detained or deprived of their liberty unavoidably and temporarily under the correct legal safeguards with the outcome of living a safe and fulfilling life in the community always in view. Anything less is inhumane and intolerable in a fair society.’

PLEASE spread this Call to Action.  We know the solutions, the money is there NOW we ALL have to act.  

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