Planning Together training and facilitation

person-centred approaches

‘Planning Together’ are highly interactive, facilitated events based on person-centred approaches. At each event, a number of individuals with invited friends, family and supporters are encouraged to explore what a good ordinary life would like for them and agree action to make this real.


Paradigm has trained teams of facilitators across the country to ensure that Planning Together events are hosted to gather the wishes and needs of people supported and ensure the organisation designs their offer directly in response to these wishes and needs.

The training and support offered is designed for each organisation but typically includes: 2 days Facilitators training; 1 day Planning Together event; 1 day evaluation and future planning; and an agreed amount of time for mentoring of the Facilitators to ensure the quality of the roll-out of Planning Together events.


To talk through your needs contact sallyw@paradigm-uk.org or call 020 8870 8643.

Thank you so much – really enjoyable. You’re an inspiration – you have reignited my enthusiasm.

Victoria Guillaume

XX, Swindon

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