We are VERY excited to say that due to great demand, we are running our second Thriving course of workshops. Facilitated by the brilliant Tony Bamforth at Glowyerownway , these workshops will focus on how we can:

  • most effectively support and cultivate the best in ourselves.
  • support colleagues struggling with emotional fatigue, mental exhaustion, moral distress, on the edge of burnout.
  • spot the early signs of burnout in colleagues and take preventative action.
  • nurture core qualities, develop self-awareness and reflective practice.
  • manage things skilfully when they go wrong.
  • keep offering quality support to those around us.

… and examine how our values show up when things get tough!

Justine, one of last year’s participant said, ”Thriving’ teaches us the skills we really need as leaders and managers in Social Care – how to deal with difficult situations and particularly the emotions we feel when these things happen. This ‘Thriving’ course should be provided alongside leadership and management courses. So many leaders and managers in social care – particularly new managers – don’t have these skills and they really need them. We ALL need to have these skills.’ For more information about the course like the cost and dates, take a peek here.


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