Steven Unwin writes…

“…As I often say, every family of a learning-disabled child or young person is different; what unites us is the endless struggle for fundamental human rights.  One example are the countless forms where you have to emphasise the negative in order to secure the support that’s needed: ‘masterpieces of bureaucratic hurtfulness’ as I once put it.  And hardly a day goes by when I’m not asked to give advice to a family struggling to get help.  Love is the easy bit, love is the drive but in a society like ours it doesn’t conquer all .

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And so what we need, I think, is a new template, a new social contract which recognises the undeniable fact of difference, and does everything in its power to provide help to those who need it most.”

Read the full lecture here: Need not diagnosis: Towards a more realistic language and understanding

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