Playing Your Part in Creating Positive Cultures

Creating Positive Cultures was an initiative established by Paradigm, a UK based training and development agency working primarily with organisations that provide support for people with learning disabilities.

This initiative emerged out of a series of workshops and projects facilitated by Sally Warren and associates from Paradigm over the previous few years with the support of John O’Brien and David Towell, leading thinkers in this field. In these workshops participants expressed concerns and identified a number of constraints that mitigate against the provision of the quality of support that is desired by people with learning disabilities and support workers alike. In response Paradigm organised the Creating Positive Cultures programme, a series of workshops and interventions designed to help teams identify barriers to the provision of person-centred services and to develop and pilot possible solutions.

Read the full report from Sally Warren, Owen Cooper and Dr Christina Schawbenland here: Paradigm-Creating-Positive-Cultures-Report-copy


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