From the early days of lockdown, we were inspired by stories of #Gr8Support shared with us by members of the #Gr8SupportMovement, self-advocates, families and members of the community from across the UK!

On the 18th March 2020, we decided to start sharing a story #Gr8Support every day. We didn’t know what the future would hold, when lockdown would end or how many stories we would share. As it became apparent there would be no clear end to lockdown and the restrictions placed on a us all, we decided to stop sharing daily stories on 28th June 2020. We thought we were ending on our 100th story but we know now it was 103! There were so many Gr8 stories to tell!

These stories capture moments from an extraordinary few months in history. They celebrate, expose injustice, share ideas, challenge and inspire.

You could use these as a resource for the induction of new staff. You could also pick a story to look at in a team meeting and with people you support and their families to explore how to grow more of the Gr8 stuff! We hope you enjoy reading them and that they are useful in supporting conversations and action.

Download it here: Lockdown Stories of #Gr8Support-compressed

You can also read or listen to our report Don’t ever call us unskilled again! which was inspired by the lockdown stories of #Gr8Support.

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