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Irene explains…

‘We need stories and we need numbers.

That’s how we make sense of things. Journalists know this. In newspapers and on the BBC news, we are told that over 40,000 people have died from Covid-19 (so we can see how big it is), and then we are told stories of a young nurse who died, of a father who can’t be visited in his dying days, and of funeral after lonely funeral (so we can see how bad it is, and how heart-breaking).

Sometimes the stories come first. A doctor in Wuhan tells colleagues of a patient with strange new symptoms. Then another doctor tells a similar story. And another. Better start counting. These Wuhan stories were followed by numbers, and then by lockdown and travel bans.

Sometimes the numbers come first. We look at the figures of Covid-19 deaths and see that the very vast majority are elderly people. Better start understanding why, and what the stories are behind those figures. These numbers were followed by letters from the UK government telling over a million people to stay at home for 12 weeks…’

Click here to read the full blog: People with learning disabilities and Covid-19: We need to tell the stories and count the numbers

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