Sally is Paradigm’s Managing Director and the driving force behind Paradigm, The Reach Standards Practical Guide, The Gr8 Support Movement and most recently The Gr8 Chat & Brew.

Sally is the co-author of the co-produced Reach Standards AND the new FREE Practical Guide to the Reach Standards launched in October 2019. See The Reach Standards are still the only nationally recognised standards promoting and supporting the development of genuine, personal support for living.

Sally believes that #Gr8Support is about the discovery of a person and how they want to live a good, ordinary life.

Much of Sally’s work with provider organisations is working in co-production to ‘figure out’ how we can re-connect our hearts and minds to focus on discovery, relationships and citizenship, and to minimise the limitations often created by services.

Seeing how support workers are so often feel restricted, overlooked and undervalued Sally co-designed and launched The Gr8 Support Movement in May 2017.

The growing Movement is the first of its kind. It is values-based, thought provoking, encouraging and highly interactive. Importantly the Movement engages with Direct Support Staff across the UK and beyond.

Another focus of Sally’s work is facilitating very powerful Individual Life Designs. These Individual Life Designs are particularly helpful when people are facing circumstances changes in their life, for example someone leaving home or a hospital setting, and they need support from those who know and love them to plan for their future.

‘I am amazed by how my daughter got involved and what you discovered…it was so different.  Thank you!’ (Mum, Swindon)

Sally also facilitates ‘Planning Together’ events that are highly interactive, sessions based on person-centred approaches, which in authorities are now key to re-deigning the offer from services and as part of the process to ensure good Education Health and Care Plans (EHCPs)

‘I’ve learnt so much and it’s been amazing to put some of the learning and knowledge into action.  It’s really given me a new energy.’  (Team leader, Essex)

Most recently Sally and her small team  have created The Gr8 Chat and Brew at a time when people are  isolated by Covid 19. These Gr8 Chats and Brews are ALL about keeping people connected across the UK and abroad.

Sally is a highly skilled and passionate facilitator with a challenging, engaging and creative style.

IMPORTANTLY Over 80% Sally’s work with Paradigm is co-delivered with Associates who have a learning disability and/or autism.

(Sally has an MSc in Applied Psychology Learning Disability.)

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