The Gr8 Chat & Brew is an initiative set up by Paradigm with Learning Disability England, Centre for Inclusive Futures and Your IT Now. It’s all about hosting group video calls that will keep people connected at a time when people are becoming increasingly isolated across the country. The idea for The Gr8 Chat and Brew came from Support Workers in Leeds who are part of The Gr8 Support Movement at Paradigm. They wanted to encourage people to keep connected and feel valued. We have adapted their original idea to help more people stay connected over the forthcoming months. Being a Gr8 Chat and Brew Host or Co-Host (maybe you are supporter who could Co-Host with someone you support) is simply about connecting with people through video calls and hosting ordinary life conversations. Your conversations will give people something to look forward to and offer human contact during this difficult time.


Click below to access the FREE resources we have co-produced to help spread the Gr8 Chat & Brews around the world! 

PLEASE do email us and let us know if you are Hosing a Gr8 Chat & Brew.  Email: 

We’d love to keep connected and share ideas, online activities and more from all around the country.

Lets spread the connections and love!


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