‘This powerful tool draws on the wisdom and contributions of many leading thinkers and activists who are passionate about improving the lives of people who have a learning disability.

 If all care and support providers applied these standards to their practice just think how many lives could be transformed and how many more people could be supported to lead a good ordinary life, a life that is full of the usual ups and downs that we all experience, but with great support alongside.’

(Katie Gibson-Peacock. Exclusively Inclusive)

The Reach Standards, originally launched by Paradigm in 2002 are still the most recognised national standards for ‘supported living’ or support for living.  However tough times are, the #ReachStandards are standards that encourage us all to stay focused on what really matters. The rights of ALL to live good, ordinary lives.

The free new Reach Standards Practical Guide has evolved through working with and deeply listening to self-advocates, families and colleagues.

This Practical Guide holds at its core a powerful human rights-based message AND offers a practical resource which includes linking you to some examples of good practice across the UK.

An online Took Kit and new Reach films are also available as part of the new Reach training. Click here to see some information about the training offer.

There are so many ways in which The Standards and the Practical Guide can be used: from supporting a person to live a good, ordinary life to shaping and evidencing your organisational plan and action to improve quality.

Finally, a massive thanks to all the self-advocates, families and other colleagues who helped create this Guide.  A special thanks to @ThreeCs for sponsoring the design!

Click here to download your Reach Standards Practical Guide

Grid of 9 reach standards.
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