Kate sent us this great book review some time ago. Kate writes……..
“I had watched a few videos of Phoebe Caldwell working with children and adults with autism and learning disabilities on YouTube and decided to order two of her books; Finding You Finding Me and From Isolation to Intimacy, both published by Jessica Kingsley.
They are quite similar to one another with odd little bits that are different.
The way in which Phoebe writes and explains everything is very easy to understand, books for everyone!
I love these books, they’re amazing and insightful and I’ve come to believe that anybody that support people with autism and learning disabilities should undergo the Intensive Interaction training she mentions in her books.
There are amazing ways that you can try to build a connection with the person you support, with very simple ideas that can help you communicate in ‘their language’.
There are things I never contemplated;
· how touch can feel painful to some people
· how the sound of a door shutting can sound like an explosion
· how some people don’t understand the words but the rhythms, touch and body language.
All helpful insightful stories that really put you in the shoes of people who have autism and learning disabilities.

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Published by Jessica Kingsley.
I love how passionate Phoebe is about communication and creating a meaningful connection. It’s not easy, but you should never ever give up on anybody, because there is a way to communicate with everybody. You just have to try and find that way!
I don’t ramble too much. But honestly READ HER BOOKS!”
Kate Westhead (2017)
(Gr8 Support Movement Change Maker)
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